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4 Benefits of Mobile Fleet Pressure Washing

07 Jun 4 Benefits of Mobile Fleet Pressure Washing


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Hundreds of people pass your business vehicles every day, for many of whom will be an introduction to your business. Your fleet is more than just a method of transportation, but a rolling billboard advertisement of your business. Your fleet makes a public statement about your business.  If your fleet looks dirty or poorly maintained, how does that reflect on your business? What impression does it form in both current and, critically, potential client’s minds?

Businesses operating in competitive sectors utilize every means to build and maintain a highly professional and reputable image.  Where little differentiation is evident among businesses, perception by consumers helps them to differentiate between two similar products or services. Your business’s image doesn’t solely rely on your marketing, but is also reflected through every asset you own, including your vehicles. Therefore, maintaining a clean fleet of trucks, busses, and vans is vital.

The appearance of your fleet gives an image of your company, business and livelihood and you should always maintain a spotless appearance. Getting your trucks, busses and vans washed on a regular basis has never been easier with Arcadian services. Licensed and insured, with many years of experience, we utilize specialized equipment and eco-friendly products and remain committed to delivering customer satisfaction. Our certified team of professionals are equipped to handle every type and size of vehicle at any location on a schedule that fits your business.

Benefits of Fleet Pressure Washing

  1. Enhance your public Image – your vehicles advertise your business and dirty trucks reflect poorly on a company and its brand. A clean truck is more visually appealing and leaves a positive image in current and prospective client’s minds.
  2. Improve vehicle safety and maximize the value of your fleet– our mobile fleet washing service uses pressure washers that reach tight spots and hard to reach areas (undercarriage) to remove corrosive pollutants and harmful chemicals such as rust, grease as well as built-up grime, serving to extend the life of your company’s vehicles.
  3. Comply with Federal EPA law – pressure washing fleet vehicles produces significant waste that can harm the environment. To comply with regulations on handling and disposal of wastewater, our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and waste management methods will help keep your company compliant with environmental laws.
  4. Save time and money – no need to purchase fleet pressure washing equipment, train your staff to use the equipment effectively or pay for pressure washing related damages out of pocket. Our fleet washing services assume these costs, reducing the impact on your bottom line. Additionally, our on-site mobile fleet washing service saves you time and money to clean your vehicles at your schedule.

We clean all vehicle types: Vans, Delivery trucks, Flatbed trucks, Trailers “all-sizes”, Tankers, Pick-ups, Box Trucks, Garbage trucks, Cement Trucks, Tractors, Company Vehicles.

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE, HASTLE FREE QUOTE at 678-306-6980 or arcadianservices.org

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